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Test, train, progress, and prove yourself.

Welcome to the new evolution in hockey training and development.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Now you can with TESTify Performance.
Development of skill in any sport, requires training, repetition and an accurate measure of skill execution. Too often, and especially in the sport of hockey, success during athlete development is quantified by game statistics, and not the improvement of fundamental skills that are necessary to not only play the game, but compete at the highest level possible. That’s about to change, now!

TESTify Performance, powered by The Rink, will test your skill, identify areas to improve, and develop a plan, with you, to achieve your goals. Train to become faster, quicker and more agile, both with and without the puck. Compare yourself to players across the world to guage your progress and push your development. Your skill is in your control, so test it, train it, and TESTify your performance.


Director: Mike Hellyer

Mike completed a Master’s of Science degree with a focus in sports biomechanics while playing for the University of Manitoba men’s hockey team, where he was captain for two years and represented Canada at the FISU games. Mike has research experience in many disciplines including hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and police tactics.


Prior to university Mike played for the Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL where he was captain during his final season. Post graduation he played for the Quad City Mallards of the Central hockey league where he was named the CHL rookie of the year and to the CHL all rookie team. Mike also took part in training camp for the Iowa Wild, the AHL affiliate of the National Hockey Leagues Minnesota Wild.


“I have been involved in hockey for many years, as a player, coach, spectator and sport scientist. Over the years, I have played with some extremely talented individuals, and tested the most elite players in the sport.

As I look back on my career, and current methods of player development, something was always missing that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. And then it came to me, we never really measure the fundamental skills required to play the game. Sure, parents, fans and coaches may say we are improving, and we may feel like we are, but what has really improved.

Are we just playing with better line mates and that resulted in more goals and assists, or did we actually get faster, quicker, and more agile. We have never had a good way to measure skill improvement; in fact, we didn’t measure it at all. We track progress in other sports, and in business, by measuring progress and setting goals based on numbers, not perception. That is about to change in hockey.

I truly believe accurate, state-of-the art testing of hockey skills is the wave of the future and should form the foundation of any training program if development is to be maximized.

I commend TESTify Performance and The Rink for paving the way for the evolution of hockey development, at the ages where it matters the most.”

                 - Dr. Jeff Leiter

"After working with the TESTify staff for our season, we were so happy to see our student's progressions in their skill score database.  Students were able to view their scores as instant feedback on the ice, as well as later on for comparison against their previous scores or against other players from around the world.  This tool is a valuable resource for all players, coaches, and skill development professionals."

                 - Jordan Sobkowicz

                         St. James Assiniboia Hockey Academy Program Coordinator

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