Welcome to the new evolution in Athletic training and development.

Welcome to TESTify Performance

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Now you can with TESTify Performance.

Development of skill in any sport, requires training, repetition and an accurate measure of skill execution.
Too often, and especially in the sport of hockey, success during athlete development is quantified by game statistics, and not the improvement of fundamental skills that are necessary to not only play the game, but compete at the highest level possible. That’s about to change, NOW!!!


powered by The Rink Training Centre

The Rink Training Center

TESTify Performance, powered by The Rink Training Centre,
will test your skill, identify areas to improve, and develop a plan, with you, to achieve your goals. Train to become faster, quicker and more agile, both with and without the puck. 

Compare yourself to players across North America to guage your progress and push your development.
Your skill is in your control, so test it, train it, and TESTify your performance.

Sporttesting technology is used by the CHL, NHL, NLL, NBA, CFL, NCAA, CIS, national sport associations and amateur teams internationally.
Our state-of-the-art measurement gear and data analysis software guarantees accuracy and reliable, real-time results.


TESTify Performance - Our Vision

TESTify Performance Our Technology

TESTify Performance - Our Plan

TESTIFY - to show that something is true or real: to give proof of something. - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Advantages to TESTify 

- Review your results
- Compare your results with other athletes around the World
- Identify strengths and weaknesses
- Free 24-7 access to your online profile